Tuition Up For Discussion

Mills College Weekly President Janet Holmgren and a panel of administrators addressed several student concerns in a two-part discussion session entitled Access, Diversity and the Strategic Plan. The most prominent concern addressed was the 2004-2005 tuition increase. “True access is a high priority at this institution: access to the highest quality of education for all […]

Dennis Bernardo Fills In

Mills College Weekly Dennis Bernardo, previously the Public Safety supervisor, will be temporarily filling the position of director of Public Safety previously held by Steven King. According to Vice President Elizabeth Burwell, there will be a committee of faculty, staff and students organized to choose the new director of Public Safety. “Dennis is doing a […]

Students ask, “Are We Mills?”

Mills College Weekly Students who participated in the Social Justice in Action Retreat have returned to Mills demanding access and equity and opened the floor to a new discussion, “Am I Mills?” Fifteen students representing various ethnicities and backgrounds retreated to the Marin Headlands from March 26 to March 28 to increase self awareness of […]

Cobb communicates through film

Mills College Weekly From her interest in launching her own radio station to making documentary films to becoming an associate professor, Portia Cobb has many experiences and achievements including receiving a B.A. at Mills College in 1987. Cobb is currently working on two projects besides teaching at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Two years ago […]

‘4th World War’ rages on

Mills College Weekly When the lights were turned on one could see audience members wiping away silent tears. “At the last showing of this film I was told that I needed to give people a moment to process what they just saw before starting a discussion,” said activist filmmaker Jacqui Soohen, founding member of Big […]

Confronting the past, uncovering truth

Mills College Weekly On Feb. 19, 1942, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 forcing 120,000 Japanese and Japanese-Americans into internment camps. Allowed only to take with them what they could carry, they were forced to leave behind their homes, businesses and belongings. Their homes and lives as they knew them were traded for 1620 foot […]

Former Panther works for reform

Mills College Weekly Over 200 Mills students and Oakland community members crowded the Student Union leaving standing room only and forcing people to gather on the front steps of the Rothwell center to hear the only woman to lead the Black Panther Party, Elaine Brown, on Jan. 29. Brown, a prominent activist, came to Mills […]

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