Alumnae Voices: how has Mills changed since you were a student?

October 1, 2010

“There’s a big sign in Warren Olney saying
‘NO SEX IN THE BATHROOMS.’ That wasn’t here when
we were undergrads. And Strawberry Festival is gone.”

— Simone St. Laurent, Teri Mon and Karen Holly
Class of ’91

“The feel of the campus. More buildings,
fewer trees. We have mixed feelings about the new
building — it doesn’t match.”

— Jennifer Sedna and Heather Hamrick Matthews
Class of ’00

“There used to be a pool in Adams Plaza.
And they turned our bedrooms into classrooms.”

— Anissa Primus Aiston and Nicole Baird Bates
Class of ’90

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  • Leslie Woodhouse

    WHAT?!? No more Strawberry Festival??? Now *that’s* a tradition we should try to bring back for future generations of Mills women!

  • Christina Hannan, ’91

    I like the new building but not it’s location – but I recognize there isn’t a way to put it closer to the life sciences building (so it would blend better). I love the new plaza as it is a much more inviting and better communal space than the huge brown wall around the old pool. And my old room is an office now but Mills Hall was condemned when we were on campus – and repurposing buildings to preserve green space is very preferable.

    But the loss of strawberry day… Some changes are NOT for the better.