Meet Ali Greene-Deutsch, yoga instructor

September 1, 2016

(Photo courtesy of Ali Greene-Deutsch) Ali-Greene-Deutsch has practiced yoga for over a decade, and brings her experience to her column in The Campanil.

(Photo courtesy of Ali Greene-Deutsch)
Ali-Greene-Deutsch has practiced yoga for over a decade, and brings her experience to her column in The Campanil.

As a teacher, it is always an honor to find out that my student has never taken a yoga class. Many times, these students will come to me with disclaimers or excuses, and I simply tell them that yoga is for each and every body: Just work with the body you have today and make sure to focus on your breath. This advice was given to me by my own teachers and remains true amongst all seasoned yogis, as well as those on the mat for the first time.

Since this is the first of many editions to this column, before I dive into an actual practice, it feels appropriate to cover some basic ground.

What is yoga doing in a school paper?

Students are perpetually stressed humans with little access to stress relieving resources (studios are expensive!). While Mills is fortunate to offer several different yoga classes through the physical education department, the timing isn’t always convenient. Yoga has been shown to calm the nervous system and reduce stress. Moreover, a regular practice, even a few poses a day, allows much needed time for reflection that may help change the way you interact with the world. By having yoga poses published in a school paper, busy students will have access to different positions that will provide ways for them to relieve their stress and bring serenity without having to sign up for a class.

Will there be a sequence I can follow? Is it safe for beginners?

Yes! There will be a short sequence that is appropriate for all levels. In addition, there will be breath-by-breath instructions  (just like in my live classes) as well as visual aids. Additionally, each pose will have alignment cues and modifications if available.  Each issue will build slowly on the last, so while each will be it’s own stand alone mini-class, I recommend starting from the beginning (just look through the issues).

What qualifies me to write this column?

I have been practicing yoga for more than a decade, and studying various aspects of it for several years. While my personal practice is heavily based in Forrest yoga, I have studied Vinyasa Flow, Yin and American Hatha. More importantly, I have completed the 200 RYT training from Innerstellar Studio in Berkeley. My training is in Stellarflow, a deep, intensive variation of Vinyasa Flow, with a huge focus on alignment and emotional healing. I teach several classes per week including corporate wellness, public and privates. For more information, or to check my availability, please go to DiscoKittyYoga.Com

The light in me recognizes and honors the light in you.

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