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ACP 2013 | A social networking experience

This was my second year of going to ACP and I can tell you that my experience this time around was different — but in many ways, better.

Second year at ACP, second year as a panelist. (Jen Mac Ramos) [1]

Second year at ACP, second year as a panelist. (Jen Mac Ramos)

I’ll admit, it was weird staying in a hotel about fifteen miles away from my Oakland home. I know the Financial District well enough to navigate around, so what was there for me to explore? Seattle, the locale for last year’s ACP conference [2], let me venture out some more and experience a new city.

But maybe that’s why it was better this time around — I had no interest in being a tourist in my city, so I was going into this year’s conference looking to learn and network and focus all my energy on that.

Last year, I don’t think I really made an effort to network with college journos my age. I left Seattle with very few contacts, if any at all.

But it was different this year. For one, I actually went to the student reception on the first night. I also talked to a lot of people I saw wearing an ACP name badge. I even decided to be social and attend a party revolving around a kazoo I found out about through the #acpsf [3] Twitter hashtag, where I ended up networking with college sports editors and talking about a wide variety of sports.

When I got back to Oakland, I had learned more than I thought I would because of all the conversations I had with journos my age. To me, just hearing so many different stories was fascinating. I am a journalist, after all.

ACP ended with a great big bang this year, I think. Not only did I gain more knowledge and experience, but The Campanil also won a Best of Show award for Publication Website Small School [4].

To say I left the conference this year inspired might be an understatement. I felt reinvigorated once I walked back into the newsroom on Monday — journalism is what I want to do as my career and ACP 2013 reminded me why.

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