Crew Team Makes Waves

November 4, 2004

Mills College Weekly

(left) The Mills Crew team traveled to Rancho Cordova on
Saturday, Oct. 30, to compete in the Head of the American Regatta.
The Head of the American was the team’s only contest in its
fall non-traditional season. (left to right): Front: Tricia Holden,
Elyse Rainey, Tam Hopper, Jenny Pugh, Jenn Jebens, Tessa Lyon,
Diane Tran. Middle: Shannon Van Meir, Megan Wheelehan, Aeron
Miller, Kate Swartz. Back row: Brittony Girton, Colleen Zickler,
Celeste Tom, Emily Bacon, Sarah Milazzo, Zoe Tollefson, Katie-Jo
Donnell, Shruti Chandhok, Jen Arbios.


(below) Pictured here is the varsity 8 boat, whose crew members
are (left to right) Brittony Girton, Katie-Jo Donnell, Sarah
Milazzo, Aeron Miller, Celeste Tom, Shannon Van Meir, Zoe
Tollefson, Megan Wheelehan, Tricia Holden.

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