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Union election in progress

SEIU logo. The Mills faculty have recently voted on whether or not to have a union for adjunct professors on April 28, votes of which will be counted on May 14.

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Mills Action protests layoffs

  On Wed. Aug. 27, the Mills Action group, which is comprised of former Mills adjunct faculty, alumni, and adjuncts from the San Francisco Art Institute and the California College of the[...]

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Camille Kaslan, UCSD Bound

Senior Camille Kaslan, a chemistry major, has been accepted to the biochemistry and chemistry department’s Ph.D program at UCSD.


A fond farewell

Editor in Chief Tessa Love says goodbye to The Campanil and talks about making mistakes, learning from them and continuing[...]

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FOOD | Vegan Mexican Fiesta Recipes

Contributing Writer Michele Kilmer shares some of her own delicious recipes including cashew "cheese" and the best damn margaritas.

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