Mills in Crisis

Staff editorial: With the FSP, Mills College transitions from a liberal arts school to a neoliberal institution

This fall, Mills students return to a campus that was gutted by the hastily announced Financial Stabilization Plan, a decision[...]

Roscoe Mitchell’s music resonates through Mills College classrooms and worldwide

Roscoe Mitchell’s voice echoed throughout the classroom of students attending his Exploring Music class as he explained the importance of[...]

Testimony to Mills College Board of Trustees: Professor of Sociology Dan Ryan

This statement was sent by Professor of Sociology Dan Ryan to Mills College President Beth Hillman and the Board of[...]


Staff Editorial: Transparent policies would alleviate stress on Mills community

Note: This opinion is written to the best of our ability with the information available to us. As of the publication date, our staff believes[...]

Arts & Entertainment

Women In Music Fest panelists celebrate women working in the industry

The second annual Women In Music Festival supported women in the many fields within the music industry on April 5–8 in Oakland.[...]


How not to run a website

Tumblr is many things: a place for creative work, a way to call others to action, a safe haven for[...]

Sports & Health

Be eco-friendly by shopping at farmers markets

Eating locally and sustainably grown food is widely known as being beneficial to one’s health, the local economy, and the planet.[...]

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