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Oakland community responds to Ferguson verdict in protest

Mills students rallying at the Oakland protest on Monday, November 24, the night of the Grand Jury's decision to not indict Darren Wilson. As an immediate response to the Ferguson decision, protesters gathered in downtown Oakland in an effort to protest in solidarity with the Ferguson community.


Oakland’s mayor-elect makes plans for city’s education


Libby Schaaf was elected Mayor of Oakland.

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Lifelong Dancer Elizabeth Gow adapts from ballet to modern at Mills

In November, second year psychology student at Mills College, Elizabeth Gow, had the opportunity to perform in the Merce Cunningham[...]


Staff Editorial | Police brutality, law, and protesting in Oakland


The Campanil Staff discusses the Michael Brown case and McCulloch's theory that Brown's death was caused by the media.

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Workout opportunities on campus

Workout opportunities on campus are not limited to physical education classes.

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